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The Queen of Hearts here posting her very first story here! so this is one of my most recent stories, and yes its a Vampire story hense the Lj name!!! hope u like it, and yes i'm a romantic so its a romance so dont laugh. The fun part is that u can predict who will go with who but you'll never guess who...well yeah u will just think hard. my intro's have aweful grammer I know, and sometimes so do my stories but I write anything i want cuz i enjoy writing. so here is my story hope u like it!

Till Death Do Us Part

By The Queen of Hearts

Oct. 24, 2003
I have started this so-called diary because I am suffering from pure loneliness. I live in the a small town near the city of Drama with, because of recent events, no one but myself and the noises of the dark. One of the biggest problems about the small, farming area I live in is they haven’t come to terms with the age of today. To be honest, they still dress like they live in the sixteenth century. I was blessed with certain technology such as a cell phone, a computer, and a television. These things are very hard to use, but we are close enough to civilization to be able to find certain signals. Even though I use such appliances my every day attire is still usually a long old fashion dress over a tight corset, but it really doesn’t bother me.
As I said before I am living by myself. My mother has been missing for three nights now. It was a normal Wednesday, the night cold, but dry, the full moon glowing in the night sky. It was 3 in the morning and I was unable to sleep. I was sitting up in bed, reading, when all of a sudden I heard a loud crash break through the darkness. It sounded as if it had come from my mother’s room. I ran down the hall, pushed open her bedroom door and was horror struck once I grasped the scene before my eyes. My mother was never a very tidy person, but the state of her room that night was unimaginable. Books and papers scattered all over the room, a vase in pieces on the blue carpet, and my mother’s unmade bed, empty. I rushed around our unfortunately huge estate eagerly searching for a clue to where my mother might be. I had searched every room, every store cupboard, and still, she wasn’t there.
So now I am left to my thoughts and ponder what shall become of me, rotting away in my bleak family estate. The maids haven’t shown up in days since the news had reached town. No one has come to the house since my mother has gone missing; they fear that whatever took her would also capture them. To be truthful, I also have that same fear. I’ve been hearing noises in the dark, echoing through the empty halls. Crashes, bumps, squeak, every time I twitch when the familiar silence is disturbed. I will write more another time, I must try and get sleep to pass the time.

Oct. 27, 2003
I don’t think I have the patients to write every day, besides all I do here is sleep eat and read. But today something did happen to me, and I don’t like the excitement one bit. I was going through the library to find my next book when the door to the library creaked open. I turned quickly, but saw nothing. I looked the room over frantically and found no trace of the intruder. I sat down at the table in the middle of the room to calm my nerves and all the sudden I spotted a note on the table in front of me, with my name written in blue ink.
Miss Freya Laasya
I snatched up the letter and read the message it beheld.
Dear Miss Freya,
I would appreciate it if you cooperated and take part in all this letter has to say. If not you will be taking part, but with much force. This may alarm you but we are doing this for your safety and your safety alone. I need you to get a bag of your most important thing, necessities only, and be ready to go by tonight. I will send two people to come get you, cooperate and things will be as painful as need be.
You’re sincerely,
I thought the whole thing mad. Who would really be stupid enough to fall for a trick like this? I rushed to my room started packing a bag with some of my things; I was going to run away so they couldn’t find me. I started to pack when I felt a eagerness inside me to fall asleep. I sat on my bed and then I blacked out.

Oct. 28, 2003
I’ve been kidnapped! It was dreadful, they treated me poorly too. After I had fallen asleep last night I woke to see to a man and women in my room. The man was a tall Caucasian, about 6’ 2”, muscular, with curly dark brown hair, and green eyes. He was wearing a tight black shirt and jeans with a rip in the knee. The woman was a very pretty Asian with brown eye, dark brown hair, and she was about as tall as I was, 5’ 4”. She was wearing a light blue tube top and a pair of jean shorts.
I sat up quickly and screamed. I should have known that my scream would have no effect because no one else would hear it. The two of them looked at one another and smiled. The girl walked over to stand next to me and smiled down at me.
“Shh, we’re not going to hurt you.” She said showing a set of white teeth.
I watched her as she took the bag had packed and flung it over her shoulder. She smiled at me then at her companion. He walked over to me and, like the girl did with the bag, flung me over his shoulders.
“Hey,” I screamed frantically, “Put me down at once!”
I knew my frantic shouts wouldn’t stop the large man from abducting me, but I did everything in my power to make the man replace her to her original state. The girl gilded over to me, stooped down to smile at me, and then kissed my forehead. She winked and suddenly felt drowsy and then I had fallen asleep.

Once I awoke I found myself in a huge sitting room. All the furniture looked antique. Producing the rooms light was a huge crystal chandler. There where two couches in the room both a nice red color with designs of flowers in gold. The walls held many famous painting and the walls themselves where painted pale blue with white fluffy clouds and angels flying all around the room.
A few feet away from me I saw three men talking amongst them selves. One of the men where standing against a clear place on the wall. He was decked in light brown hair that scraped to the bottom of his chin, green eyes, and he was very tall. He wore a gray tee shirt and a plain pair of blue jeans. I then noticed the man that had met in my bedroom earlier; he was pacing back and forth between the two men stationary. The last man was sitting down in a arm chair that matched the couches. He wore a long red trench coat with black leather pants. He sat there with his arms folded over his chest and one leg over the other. He looked like a Greek god. He had long blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and his skin looked like porcelain.
I heard the man against the wall utter my name, this frightened me. How did he know my name? Why as I brought here? I sat up and was about to let out a scream when a hand covered my face. I turned to see the same girl I had met earlier. She smiled and placed a finger to her lips, signaling to be silent. Her hand left my lips, because she had released me I kept quiet. She nodded.
“Thank you,” she whispered. “Now I shall explain as long as you are quiet, do you understand?” The girl asked.
I nodded and her smile grew. “My name is Ai,, the man holding up the wall is Kateb, the man pacing is Alastair, and the man in the chair is Faris. There arguing about you right.”
I sat there in awe as she told me this. I raised my hand slightly and she giggled.
“Yes, you may ask questions without raising your hand.” She said smiling.
“Why are they talking about me?” I asked.
“Because some people here don’t approve your presence”
“But I didn’t ask to come here, actually I don’t even want to be here. Why am I here?”
“Shh, take a deep breathe, its okay. I don’t know exactly know why you’re here, all I know is that Faris and your mother made a deal that if anything ever happened to her you would come here. As soon as Faris heard about your mother’s disappearance he sent Alastair and I to come get you. You may not like this but the truth is you have no choice but to stay here. You try and run, well let’s just say there will be a very bad outcome of it all.”
I sat there angrily. She may be my mother but she had no right to decide I come here. All I wanted to do was go home, do what I think is best for me. Hot tears started running down my face. Ai handed me a tissue and I wiped my eyes with it.
“I want to go home.” I cried, a little too loudly.
The three men on the other side of the room turned too look at me. I quickly placed a hand over my mouth and closed my eyes. All of a sudden I heard a chuckle in front of me. I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful creature in the world. He was tall, 6’ 1”, his blond hair spiked, bright green eyes, and an devilish smile. He was bent over to be at face level with me and smiled.
“She is a laugh.” He said chuckling.
“Back off, Dylan” Ai growled.
I turned my face to see Ai scowling at the man. He narrowed his eyes but still smiled. He placed a hand on either side of my head and his face was centimeters away from my own.
“I could do more damage on this little thing than you think before you attack.” He said still smiling at me.
I could feel my body shake while his smile widened from my fear. His face came closer and closer until his lips where attached to mine. I felt a slight pain in my lower lip and gasped from the pain. More hot tears ran down my face.
“Faris, make him stop!” Ai screamed.
All of a sudden the pain stopped and Dylan was moving backwards, his smile gone. I looked to see the man who had been in the chair scowling down at Dylan, his hand around Dylan’s neck. Dylan stood up to his full height crossing his arms.
“H-he’s a v-vampire.” I stammered.
His smirk returned and he shook his head. “Only half sweetheart, so you just got the best of both worlds.”
Ai stomped over to him and her hand flew across his face. “Half witted to, you hurt her again and I’ll give you something to smile about.”
Dylan rolled his eyes and fell back onto a couch a few feet away. Suddenly the man known as Kateb was in front of me with a worried look on his face. He tried to grab my face and I flinched. I heard Dylan chuckle and Ai smack him again. I gazed back at Kateb who was examining my bleeding lip. He shook his head and scowled at Dylan who just shrugged his shoulders.
“Dylan, go find Eric, and ask him to bring something to clean up a bleeding lip, tell him its gushing.” Kateb said still looking me over.
Dylan waltzed out of the room his hands in his sweatshirt pocket. Alastair was now standing next to Faris who was standing behind Kateb and Ai was pacing cursing under her breath.
“How can someone be that dumb!” she complained. “He could have killed her, or even worse. Stupid, pigheaded, showoff. I swear if he does it again…”
“I told you she shouldn’t be here.” Said a voice.
I turned around to see a beautiful woman with long blond hair, brown eyes, and a very smooth voice. She wore a plaid mini skirt and a white button up shirt. I could see her scowling at me. What had I done? Ai stopped pacing and sat down next to me.
“That’s Bliss, ironic really, she’s the complete opposite. She’s in a bad mood a lot and you’re coming here didn’t help much, actually made it worst, don’t pay any attention to her, I’m happy you’re here.” Ai explained.
I looked at her amazed. She was glad I was here? I guess there would be at least on bright side to this. Dylan rushed back into the room and following him was a man about 17, with black hair that came to his eyes. He wore a black shirt and blue jeans. He looked angered but walked up to me and crouched down so we where eye to eye. He grabbed my bottom lip and I flinched. He placed his other hand on my right cheek.
“I’m not going to hurt you I just need to look at your lip, which looks pretty bad. Do you feel dizzy?” he asked.
“Are you a vampire too?” I asked still shaking.
“No, I’m human.”
“Don’t worry Freya, this is Eric, he looks scary, but he’s twenty times nicer than Dylan. And he’s also not a vampire.” Ai clarified.
I relaxed and he smiled as he took a small bottle out of his pocket. He took my lip again, opened the little bottle with his mouth, and poured the clear liquid onto my wound. Suddenly the pain was gone and Eric returned my lip. He put the bottle back into his pocket and sat down next to me. I looked at him while he sat there staring at the carpet.
“Now, are you dizzy at all?” Eric asked.
“A little.” I replied.
“Do you feel like your going to get sick, because if you do turn your head towards Ai.”
He looked up and smiled at me. I giggled and Ai hit his knee pretending to be offended. Faris walked over to us to stand in front of me. I looked up and he stared down at me.
“Is she alright?” Faris asked still staring.
“Kinda, she’s gonna feel horrible, he took a lot of blood and a bit of her lip. She’ll live; she just seems the type to not give up.” Eric answered.
Faris nodded. He turned and started to walk away. He turned his head slightly.
“If you need anything ask someone here. Don’t go poking around other rooms, and don’t try to escape, your actions always have consequences.” He then turned and walked away.
“So she’s staying?!” Bliss whined to Alastair.
“Yes, she’s staying and that’s just too bad if you don’t approve. Apparently she makes things livelier.”
He winked at me and also disappeared. Ai grinned at me and flung her arms around my neck I fell backwards onto Eric’s lap who just grinned.
“Yippee! You’re staying, we’re gonna have the time of your life!” She said clinging to me.
I laughed, I was glad she liked me; maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. Ai released me and we sat up. We looked at each other and burst into a laughing fit. I could hear Bliss growl and start walking away.
“Have fun with your chew toy as long as you can, Ai.” Bliss said as she walked away, her blond hair trailing behind her.
Ai snorted. “Forget her she’s just mad I like you better.”
“All right I think you and Eric should take Miss Freya up to her room, she’ll be in a lot of pain soon and its best if she sleeps through that part.” Kateb explained.
Ai stood up and grabbed one of my arms to pull me up. I suddenly felt dizzy and had trouble walking. Eric stood up quickly and took my other arm wrapping it around his neck. Eric turned and scowled at Dylan who looked innocent.
“This is your entire fault, don’t hurt her again.” Eric said.
He shook his head and took me from Eric. He scooped me up and wrapped my arms around his neck. I let out a loud scream. All Dylan did was started walking. Ai Gasped and started cursing again.
“Put her down now!” She shouted.
“I’ll take her, and she’ll be put to bed in one piece, promise.” He replied.
“I don’t care what you say, put her down!”
Ai sounded furious. I looked at Dylan and he smirked. All the sudden I could feel wind go past me and Dylan concentrating. I looked to see everything around me a blur. I could feel my stomach becoming tighter and my breathe leaving me. All the sudden the blurs where gone and I was lying in a bed. I looked up to see Dylan smiling at me. All the sudden I heard screaming and saw Ai and Eric walking towards me. Ai slapped Dylan up side the head and Eric looked at me with an unreadable expression.
“You stupid idiot!” Ai screamed “What where you thinking, you’re going…”
“Dylan, you’re going to be the death of me.”
Bent over the side of the bed, threw up, and blacked out.

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