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That's Russian for, "Hi".

In a search i undertook to find a writing community for writers similar to myself, i found this community. I'm new here, but i hope my writing will fit well with others, and hope to be greeted kindly.

This is a piece (poem) i wrote a few weeks ago. I chose this one as my first, though just to set the record straight, this is not the only topic to which i write. Comments and Critiques are welcome


Pain You've Never Dreamed

Glass shatters into shards
Of in inarticulate shapes
Which melt as they fall on the floor
And form a pool of despair
Of which I loom on the edge

Wind blows
Painfully slow across my back
Caressing and reincarnating the pain of what seemed like forever
So gracefully my body leans forward against my will
But i'm far too far away
To feel my fall

All the joy and all of the tears
Reach me in a moment
As if to remind me what it was
That made me fear
Which is bringing me ever closer to that black bottomed pit of instantaneous and unrelenting misery

Breathe in
Try to catch your breath before it leaves you
Because you can't escape what you fear
And you can only fear pain you've never dreamed

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