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Here goes : - DARK SHADOWS.


Chapter 1

 A new beginning.


The sun was setting on another school day in the city of London and Kaylis and her friends were walking out of class. Kaylis wasn't as tall as most or as pretty as the popular girls but she had spirit and a certain bite. She had strawberry blond hair of a medium length, green and blue eyes and was fairly slim. She was wearing blue jeans and a grey top. The top had black hearts, black skulls and black daggers on it. Her lips and eyelids were purple and she had purple colouring running through her hair at random patterns. London was rough place where gangs and fighting became second nature to the kids of this school. Kaylis was always getting into fights and subsequently getting in as much trouble as anyone. She wasn't a shy girl and helped others out when they were in trouble and so she was a favourite amongst her group of friends, the gang that had been formed by Melissa. Melissa was Kaylis's best friend but deeply jealous of her at the same time. Kaylis was popular, a quicker thinker than her and had Josh (the guy Melissa loved) swooning over her everyday.  She had everything that Melissa once had and although she respected Kaylis, she knew there was more to her than meets the eye and She was going to find out what it was and get her leadership role back, one way or another.

Melissa was one of the posh, rich, semi popular and beautiful girls of New Lane school in Greater London. She had sleek long brown hair; she was quite tall with beautiful hazel eyes and a posh look. She was wearing a black gucci dress, black shoes and black sunglasses. She swept across the school yard and every guys head turned to catch a glance of her beauty or at lest that's how it used to be until Kaylis moved here. When Kaylis arrived she became the popular one, the one everybody wanted to be around. But not because she was overly pretty or overly bright but because she wasn't afraid of anything. She helped them out and acted like a true leader instead of wanting to be the spotlight all the time or topic of conversation. Although these days she usually was!!!

Josh was a tall guy about 17 in age. He had scruffy brown hair and sparkling green eyes that seemed to go blue in the light. He had a nice smile and a kind of cute expression and ever girl wanted him. Most of the time he wore ripped blue jeans and a plain black baggy t-shirt and trainers Melissa had bought him. He came across kind of shy and very bright but actually he was a tear away teen and a kind of a rebel. He was the one Kaylis was most often getting out of trouble, if she hadn't been around he'd have been stabbed by now or been in jail for years. He was always testing the boundaries of society and see how much he could get away with. He hated rules and boundaries, Josh wanted to do what he wanted, when he wanted to do it and with Kaylis's help he could. Both of them had no parents and nobody to tie them down or to tell them what to do.

They owned a house near the school which Melissa's parents bought for them and so  they walked home together as usual.

I wish I could say Kaylis was a normal teenage delinquent and she was having a normal life with her friends but she wasn't. She had gifts, certain powers that she kept hidden from everyone including Josh and Melissa, although they were starting to suspect or at least Melissa was. But Kaylis didn't even know where her gifts came from or even where she came from. She'd been to every hospital and every adoption agency and nobody had heard of her. There were no records for her apart from her schools which she found very strange indeed. But at the moment nobodies mind was plagued by details like how she did what she did for them, the school ball was coming up and so was end of school and everybody's thoughts were on who was going to ask who and what people were going to wear.


They weren't far from home now, Kaylis, Melissa and Josh, when two men stepped out in front of them. They where both wearing black suits, black shoes and black sunglasses.  They looked very official and very angry, Kaylis, Melissa and Josh just glanced at each other, wondering who they were here for.  Kaylis gave Josh the nod, the one that meant "I'll handle this". He grabbed Melissa and they ran off in the direction of home. Kaylis waited until they were out of sight and then turned back to see if the men were watching to see where they went. They weren't their eyes were fixed on Kaylis and it was making her nervous. They oldest of the two opened his mouth to speak but didn't move. The younger of the two didn't move either.

            "I must encourage that you come with us, it is very important that we talk with you in private. I am Elandrew and this here is my associate Kandon." He spoke with an even, unemotional tone but still didn't move, his face remained serious but he glanced at Kandon and smiled only to revert to his serious state. Kandon looked extremely worried or scared either way he didn't look happy but all things told Kaylis it wasn't her he was afraid of but something else. But to be on the safe side she thought it was best not to go with them unless she wanted to spend the night in a cell, she did the only thing she knew how to do, she closed her eyes and when she opened them her eyes glowed purple. A wave like a gust of wind went speeding at the gentleman and knocked them of their feet, long enough to give Kaylis time to run. She ran so fast it was like she was the wind but it wasn't fast enough. Elandrew got up and ran after her, Kandon followed suit and sped along the ground barely touching it. They caught up with her at an open piece of grass land. Kandon run up beside her and tripped her to the ground, he then grabbed her arms behind her back and held her against the floor. She was putting up a fight though, struggling and trying to brake free, it was taking all Kandon's strength to keep her there.

            "Get off of me!" she screamed as she kicked out at Kandon and tried to get him to release her.

            "Calm down, we don't want to hurt you we are here to help you, calm down you are in danger an assassin is coming and he will not stop until he finds you." he spoke with gentle trusting tone of voice not skeptical or patronizing but full of emotion and concern. But Kaylis wasn't very trusting and thought this was a ploy.

            "Why should I trust you Kandon? Your boss isn't reacting to any of this, but you are. So tell me what makes you different than him?." she replied skeptically looking up from the ground at Kandon for a response, she stopped fighting. They had got her, they could have taken her away already, they'd seen what she could do and it hadn't surprised them or scared them. This assassin that is what they are afraid of and whatever they were going to do it was help her. Kandon let go of his grip a little ready for her to attempt an escape, but she didn't. Slowly he stood up and then she got up, she brushed of her clothes then turned to face Elandrew who was making it perfectly obvious he didn't want to look at her. He stepped towards her and looked hurt and angry.

            "I am reacting to this, to all of this. He's going to keep coming and coming until you are dead and he will not stop. I'm trying to do what's right for you and I thought you'd be safer if their wasn't an emotional attachment between us but I can't do it. I look at you and I see your mother's eyes and your fathers smile. You have grown up such a beautiful women that I don't want to see anything happen to you." He was changed not unemotional anymore but full of emotion and love. He was almost pushed to tears and his voice shook with fear, it was like all his bottled up emotions came flooding out all at once. Kaylis was defiantly confused.

            "What are you talking about? How do you know my parents? I don't even know my parents. Who are you and who's after me?" She kept asking questions over and over, she was getting herself into a state. Elandrew and Kandon nodded at each and looked around the are, probably checking to see if anyone was listening, then Elandrew sat on the ground.

            "This a long tale you may want to sit down in fact I know your going to want to, this will confused you and you won't understand but everything i'm about to tell you is true. This is the story of your life before you can remember . . . . . "

Kaylis sat down on the ground and was very intrigued to hear what he had to say. Kandon stood watch to make sure nobody could hear this and Elandrew continued once it was safe.

            ". . . . . .. Okay lets start with where you come from? Please no questions until the end and no interruptions. You come from a planet called Newabsky in the Merandoc galaxy, a galaxy far away from here. The story begins before you were born with the races on your planet. The races are the Elubtrews who live in the waters on the planet which are vast and beautiful blue that flickers in the sun and us the Kclabkys. We are sky dwelling people and have created  ways to live in the sky. The planet surface is uninhabitable as our ancestors found out. Our ancestor made prophecies about future before they dived and developed into the two races that exist now. For many year we lived in total peace, helping each other and living our lives the way the ancestors had envisaged but then a dark sorcerer came to our world and took away our peace. He enslaved the Elubtrews and began a war over the planet of which he would take for himself. So for years the battle raged and many lives were lost but the Kclabkys looked set for victory and releasing our planet from it curse. Just then in that moment an alien from a nearby planet crashed landed on ours. Melandoc as he was called was fleeing a desolate planet, the only survivor of a catastrophic war that wiped out his people. The sorcerer saw his chance to win back the war and enslaved this poor man to do his bidding. Melandoc was the strongest fighter on his planet on ours there was no bidding who survived if they went up against him. He had the strength of ten men and vastly superior fighting skills and with Melandoc at his side he thought he couldn't lose.  But like I said our ancestors made prophecies that in a dark time a child would come to the sky and bring peace to the world. She would end the war and defeat a dark sorcerer, she would grow with special abilities that no other being on the planet would have. The child would also be able to brake the control that the dark sorcerer had put on the people of this world and even more so the child can save Melandoc. Unfortunately the sorcerer learnt of this and sent Melandoc after the child. Melandoc was only a child himself that is what amazed everyone, he was five years old and been fighting since birth. We hid the child well and it took him six years to find her. The child was six when Melandoc tried to kill her, kill you. You are that child, that day he killed your mother and your father as they tried to protect you but soon nothing stood between you and death. Kandon was very brave and out of nowhere he protected you and fought back against Melandoc. He was 11 at the time, you were six and Melandoc was also 11, Kandon held his ground but couldn't defeat him. He gave me enough time for me to send you away, far away to a place he wouldn't find you. So I sent you here, to Earth, hoping your powers would develop and you'd come home when you were strong enough. It too late for that now. He's never stopped searching for you, he's never stopped coming and he never will, he's found you and he's coming. It will be a matter of hours before he gets here and kills you. So that's it, the story in full, a few details we will sort out later." He finished, Kaylis was just staring into space trying to digest the information. She was an alien, it was hard to believe; it felt like something out of a sci-fi film not real life. She tried to speak but she couldn't, then she clear her throat and forced the words out. Elandrew had a tear rolling down his cheek but he quickly wiped it away before anyone notice. But Kaylis did notice, she also noticed that Kandon was trying not to pay any attention to her at all, he wouldn't even look at her, this concerned Kaylis for a moment and then brought her mind back to the information she'd been told. She was thinking about whether she believed him or not, he looked liked he was waiting for a verdict of a trial or something. Finally she stopped thinking and started speaking.

            "I believe you, don't ask me why I trust. I guess I've never fitted in here, in this world you left me on. I mean a found a place here but I've always been different from them and had to hide. I have to go with you I know but tomorrow, I have to say goodbye to my friends at the school prom. Josh asked me, I can't leave without saying goodbye." She was the one who was crying now and she was looking at Elandrew who didn't look happy with what she just said. In fact he kid of lost it, he went into parental overload.

            "YOU MAY NOT GO TO THAT PARTY, DON'T YOU GET THE SERIOUSNESS OF THIS. TOMORROW YOU'LL BE DEAD!!!!" he yelled standing up and looking down at her. She began to get angry and stood up to face him, her eyes changed to purple and glowed a bit. Kandon didn't moved, he still looked away.

            "YOUR NOT MY FATHER OR MY MOTHER RIGHT, THERE DEAD. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CANNOT DO? IF I DIE TOMORROW I DO IT WITH MY FRIENDS AROUND ME, ONLY FAMILY I HAVE EVER KNOWN." Elandrew looked shocked to be spoken to with such disregard and rudeness. He folded his arms and began to shout louder, for some reason he thought it would make her listen but it only mad her angrier.



Suddenly through the anger Kaylis's eyes flickered with red flames and little fire balls started flying around her head like a magical minefield in the sky. She was confused by this, she hadn't done this before. She'd done a little mine control, a few mind blasts and a bit of flying but nothing this dangerous. Elandrew stubborn as he was decided to be a hero and tried to grab Kaylis through the field, as soon as went to touch it though it began attack him. The fire balls kept hitting him and leaving burn marks all over his body. Kandon suddenly took interest  but instead of attacking her, he spoke gently but withdrawn from her emotionally.

            "Stop it your hurting him, calm down we'll let you go to the party. Please calm down and stop hurting him, your out of control so get in control now!" He said calmly but this time he did look at her and she saw fear and shame in his eyes. Suddenly the field lowered and Elandrew fell to the floor. Kandon ran over to him and felt for a pulse, he was really scared but he found one.  Elandrew regained consciousness but could barely move because of the pain, she ran over to him and placed her hands on his body, he hands began to glow a bright white that stretched over his body. Then it return to her hands and they stopped glowing. Elandrew suddenly jumped up, he looked at his arms and his face and all the burn marks were gone. It was incredible.

            "I'm ever so sorry Elandrew I lost control of myself, it won't happen again." She spoke full of remorse with her head facing the ground. Then she turned and began to walk in the direction of home, Kandon grabbed her arm and she turned back to look at Elandrew.

            "That was amazing what you did for me. You can go to the party but on the condition that we go along to keep you safe."

Her eyes relaxed and returned to the bright green and blue that they were before, but she looked worried, no way in a million years were these guys going to the party with her.

            "You cannot come, how would I be able to explain being under heavy guard. Don't worry 'll be okay." Kandon nodded in agreement and Elandrew backed down but decided to try something else, just one other tactic he had so that she would let him protect her. He handed her a knife, it was a beautifully crafted knife with a brown jade handle that was carved in the shape of a dolphin.

            "What's this for?" she asked.

            "Keep it on you at all times, be careful and tell no-one of what I told you. They'll turn you in. The knowledge of alien life forms doesn't go down well for earthlings  and they'll cut you up, trust me."

            "I trust you see you tomorrow after the dance. Meet you here."

            "Very well don't get killed."


She turned and walked away in the direction of home with a smile on her face.


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